Update #3    January 2013

Greetings Jamboree Band,

Excitement is growing as the Jamboree approaches. In December, I attended the Midwest Clinic in Chicago, a kind of Mecca for a couple of thousand band directors.  I was happy to be able to have lunch with Associate Director Jeff Kitzman from Wisconsin who was also attending. There is a commonality among band directors where we can meet and just talk about music for hours. Jeff and I had two things in common, our love of music and scouting. We said hello and 90 minutes later wondered where the time had gone. To sum it up, we are both very excited about the music we will make at the Jamboree. 

I hope that you had a chance to see and hear the marine band playing at the inauguration of President O’Bama. Check out their website http://www.marineband.usmc.mil/.   If they or any of the service bands are in your area, do not walk, run to get a ticket to see  and hear them play. TYou will not be disappointed.

I know that this email is being sent directly to some parents. If this is the case, Its important that the scouts receive this directly, so if you would please send me their email addresses, I will add them to the distribution list.

Here is another in a series of updates providing you with more information.

In no particular order.

I M P O R T A N T .....If you are not attending the Jamboree, please let me know ASAP as there is a waiting list to be in the band. There are also dates by which you can attain a full refund.


Final Payment of all Fees  - February 1 is the date when final payment of all fees is due. Pay by this date to avoid a penalty.


Name Tag  - You can now order a Jamboree Name Tag (Nameplate) Go to the Jamboree site, Click on Staff, Scroll down to Staff Nameplate Order Form

Two suggestions.....


Instrument               (Percussion use Percussion)

2013 Jamboree Band


2013 Jamboree Band

Stadium Exper Team           (Short for Stadium Experience Team (only 18 spaces allowed)


Transportation - The transportation and shuttle site reservation is now in operation.

Visit  http://www.tms.com/2013jamboree/ to make your shuttle reservation. 

Please plan to arrive at the Jamboree on Thursday, July 11. You can arrive on the 10th if travel plans require. Staff will be free to depart the Jamboree on Thursday July 25.  Consult the Jamboree Staff Guide for travel guidelines.

Schedule         This is tentative schedule for the first few days.

7/11 Thursday   Travel Day - check in

Senior Staff 1st organization meeting 1:00 pm 

7/12 Friday   1st Full Band (FB) meeting and rehearsal  9 - 12,  2 - 5  

7/13 Saturday    FB Rehearsal 9 - 12,  2 - 5 

7/14 Sunday      FB Rehearsal 1 - 4    Gig - Staff show

7/15 Monday    FB Rehearsal   Possible Gig for arriving scouts.

7/16 Tuesday AM - Gig - Opening Show, PM - Gig - Bechtel Reception

Medical - It is not too soon to get your Jamboree Medical completed. There are significant changes this time around in the requirements to be fit. Including BMI (Body Mass Index) restrictions and limits. Best to address this sooner rather than later.

Go to your dashboard and provide the required information. Make a copy of the completed form for yourself and mail a copy to: 

Boy Scouts of America

Event Registration

PO Box 152010

Irving, TX 75015

Personal and Confidential

Repertoire, Tunes - We are gathering a list of tunes that the band can play.

Here is a partial list. Can you recommend any tunes that are good? Let me know.

All the Lights - Kanye West

Crazy in Love   Beyonce

The Impression That I get - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Hey Baby - Bruce Channel

Just Dance - Lady Gaga

Vehicle  - Ides of March

All the Small Things - Blink 182

Gimme Some Lovin

Everybody needs Sombody to Love

That’s A Plenty

Pirates of the Caribbean

Much more....

That is all for right now. If you work on these things gradually, you’ll be able to manage easily. 

On behalf of myself and the rest of the staff,  Happy January!

George Pinchock, 

Jamboree Band Director