Jamboree Band Update #4 March

Greetings, Lots going on.... This update brings more information to your many questions.
All of these updates are posted at our website.
Please print and share these updates with your parents.

1. The Band .... What is it?
2. Jamboree Band Uniform
3. Music and Repertoire
4. Band specific souvenirs band patch, t-shirt
5. Things to bring
6 . Updated Staff Manual

1. The Band ??? What is it ???.
So. Just what is this Jamboree band that you have signed up for? How will it look? What will it do?
The answer... The Jamboree will take many forms. It will provide music for many and varied occasions. It will entertain thousands of people. It will provide music for ceremonies and it will give concerts. We have a Jazz Band and weʼll have a Brass Fanfare unit. Weʼll play formal events sitting down, weʼll be a Flash Band and play standing up and on the move. The Jazz Band is open to everyone. There will be some extra rehearsals and maybe a special gig or two. It is fine to double, playing one instrument for moving and another for Jazz band. I think we still need a bass player. Amplifiers will be provided.

2. Jamboree Band Uniform
The Jamboree band uniform will be exactly the same as for all Jamboree staff and that is a normal scout uniform. For performances, the band will almost always be in Full Class A as follows. It is a good idea to have at least two Class A shirts maybe more if you have them. We will also be in class B uniform at times (see below).

Full class A Uniform - Hat, Neckerchief, Shirt, Shorts, Belt, Scout Socks
* Hat - Official Jamboree Staff Hat
* Neckerchief - Official Jamboree Blue neckerchief
* Belt - Any official scout belt
* Insignia - Your normal scout insignia is fine. You may substitute your council special Jamboree CSP or other CSP.

Class B Uniform - Hat, T- Shirt, Shorts, Belt, Scout Socks
* Jamboree Band T-shirt

- The Summit is rugged. Good boots are recommended whether low, mid or high cut.
  Dark colors please. No white sneaks or athletic shoes.

3. Music and Repertoire
Some music will be mailed to you in the Spring. Other music will be distributed at the Jamboree.
Thanks for the many suggestions on repertoire. We will attempt to obtain some.

4. Band specific items - band patch, t-shirt
We are preparing some special Jamboree Band items to include a patch and a t-shirt.
These will be available for purchase in the coming months.
More information to follow.

5. Musical Things to Bring
* Your instrument and personal supplies such as extra reeds, valve oil, slide cream, etc.
  Weʼll be in the woods, so nothing will be readily available.
* Some of the large instruments may be provided. We are still working out the details. More info to follow.
* Music stand - compact, foldable, any color
* 2 - 3 pencils for changes and notes
* A one inch 3 ring binder (black) with 20 clear plastic pages
* Music lyre (very important)
* Black marching music folio with 15 pages Enough for for 30 pieces of music.
  Available at your music store or at Music and Arts item # 473722;
  2 six packs of extra windows (12 windows) item # 473723 805
* 6 rubber bands
* 4 old fashioned wooden clothes pins for holding music to music stands in windy weather or other clips that would work.
* A percussion instrument such as shakers, tambourine, maraccas, something unusual.

6. Updated Staff Manual
The staff manual has been updated. It has new. It would be a good idea to download it and print it.

Among other things, please note:

Read agreements Pages 10 & 11
Medical Deadline Page 22
Transportation Page 14 Those flying, need to make a reservation on the Summit shuttle.
Visitors Page 23
Overall Schedule Page 26
What to Bring Page 13

So keep your chops in shape and be ready!

See you at the Summit!